How to Find God

Kripalu Maharaj Divine

According to Kripalu Ji Maharaj, the ultimate goal of a soul is only supreme Divine Bliss, and for attaining that, we are trying constantly, every single moment. But up to now, we haven't received that Bliss. There are only two fields: the field of maya, and the field of God. We have attained a lot in the mayic field, to the extent that we have even become Indra, emperor of the celestial abodes, hundreds of times. You always experience happiness in the world - that of your mother, father, child, wife, husband, wealth. You have experienced these kinds of happiness a lot - but it all amounts to zero. From this world one only gets tension and peacelessness, so it is proven that in the mayic field there is no true happiness anywhere. So where is it? What remains is God's field. It might be there. It's not necessary to apply your intellect a lot to understand this.

For example, two people are together, and you only know their names: Ramesh and Dinesh. If someone were to point out to you, "That one is Dinesh," then you could understand that the other person is Ramesh. Thus, if we were to firmly decide, "There is no happiness in the world," then we could know it is in the Divine field, but we haven't determined this. Instead we think, "This situation with my wife, husband, friend, etc., is no good. Everyone else's wife, husband, friend, etc. is good. We haven't determined that it's the same everywhere, whether it relates to a prime minister's home or Indra's home, everyone is unhappy, sorrowful, peaceless. So how could we find God's Bliss? This is a big question, because if someone tries hard his whole life to earn a million or a billion dollars, he might be successful, he might not. So how does one get unlimited, spiritual happiness, supreme Divine Bliss? We can't visualize God anywhere. There are Deities, but we want to see His actual form so we can ask Him to give us that Bliss.

How does one receive Divine Bliss from God? There are three methods to attain something from someone. You can grab him, tie him up, and forcibly snatch it from him. You can steal it from him. You can humbly beg him for it. Which one will you choose? It's impossible to threaten God and tie him up. There is no one equal to Him; who could be greater than Him? And stealing from Him? He is omnipresent, omniscient. Stealing is only possible when the other person doesn't know you are doing it. Even before you stole, when you were planning to steal, God made a note of your thoughts from inside. So this won't work. The third option is to beg from Him. How? In Sanskrit, English, Hindi, Uriya, Bangla, Punjabi? No, not like that. Ask him like a newborn baby. You people might not remember that when you were an infant, you couldn't speak a single word, nor could you indicate anything, nor did you even recognize your own mother. How did you survive? You had a weapon: you simply cried. When your mother heard your cries, she ran to you, "Why is my baby crying?!" Several months passed like this. We have to get back to this stage of an innocent child who has no strength, no means to help himself, who doesn't even recognize his own mother, who can't demand or ask anything of his mother. What will such a child do? Just cry. God says, "Don't come to me with strength. Become powerless, destitute, without any means, humble." Feel more humble than a blade of grass. Be more tolerant than a tree. Respect all and don’t desire respect for yourself. These are three axioms written by Gaurang Mahaprabhu.