Kripalu Maharaj Devotion

Kripaluji Maharaj believes that for purifying our minds, three kinds of service are done: with the body, with the mind, with one's wealth. But the highest class of service is mental. Service is done with the body, and whoever has wealth, does service with this. But this is number 2. Number 1 is mental service. The cause of bondage or liberation is the mind. The performer of actions is only the mind, not the senses or body. It only looks this way. Arjun committed millions of murders, but where was his mind? Sarveshu kaleshu. It was constantly attached to Krishn. This doens’t mean sitting and thinking of God for one hour. Even at the time of war, Arjun remembered Krishn. Even though he committed murders with his senses, Krishn didn’t write anything in His diary. Did he commit any sin? Forget about sin – Arjun didn’t even think critically towards anyone. His mind was attached to Krishn, so how could it think? This is called karm yog. This will happen slowly with practice.

Krishn can’t come Himself and do this for the souls. He even sent Uddhao to the Gopis. Why? To receive Divine love. He will send his Bhakt Saints for this; He won’t have direct contact with the souls. God’s rules are like this. He gave all this work to his Devotee Saints. So right now ask God for devotion, ask to receive His Divine vision, and if you haven’t met a genuine Saint, also ask God for this, “Please send someone to me who has practical Divine experience and who has Divine love, who has found You. He can do everything with his Grace.” A few of your tears melts Krishn’s heart. This is His weakness. Everyone has a weakness. This is God’s weakness. If you shed even a few tears, then, “Alright, a Saint is coming.” Have faith. Don’t be scared that, “How will I meet God?” After all, you were the one who took God out to begin with. But why do you now think, “I won’t find Him”? Is there a worse sinner than Ajamil? If God is the purifier of fallen souls, then the more we sin, the more He will love us. Guarang Mahaprabhu said, "When I hear Your names, ‘deen-bhandhu’ (friend of the humble souls) or ‘patit-pavan’ (purifier of fallen souls), then I have the confidence that I will also find You. But when I hear ‘bhakt-vatsal’ (friend of the true devotee), I get scared. How could I become a ‘bhakt’? This is not within my control."

So supreme God is patit pavan, deen bandhu, adham udharan. We should be without doubt and have firm confidence. When you sit for devotion every day, you should increase your faith that, “Today I will meet Him. Oh, I didn’t find Him? I am so sinful He doesn’t want to meet me!” Feel this. On the next day, “Today I will meet Him.” Your love should increase. Your humbleness, feeling of powerlessness, and tenderness should increase. Like this, your heart and mind will purify. After this, a Saint will Grace you with Divine love for free, without your asking. Then your senses, mind and intellect will all become Divinized. You will get senses just like Krishn’s. Then if you wish to see Him during His descension or see Him omnipresently, you can see Him. Shankaracharya, who believed in the impersonal aspect of God, nirakar brahm, even said, "Krishn came as the son of Yashoda and is seen on one place by everyone, that He is there, not over here, still, this is all an illusion. He is sarv gatah sarvatr." There is a Krishn in each and every particle of the universe. If He weren’t there, then who would govern this physical creation? Creation couldn’t happen. For a long time, Krishn did not start creation, then He compassionately thought that the souls were in a state of ‘pending’. They couldn’t do any devotion. So he brought them out and they entered into creation, and He gave the law book of the Ved to them also, which states ‘Do this, don’t do that or you’ll receive a punishment’. This is all written in the Vedas. We have forgotten the Vedas, and if we come to know of them through a Saint, we say, “Let’s see what happens after I die.” What will you see? You will suffer. See now in the present moment. Even one moment before death, if your intellect decides, “Only Shyamsundar is mine”, then if you die, don’t worry. Your life would have been a success. Then in your next birth, you will be born in the home of devotees and will complete what you need to attain your ultimate aim.